In 2001, Finch, Pruyn & Co. rented Amanda’s House to the Amanda's House committee for $1. For 10 months, the old house underwent major renovations. Every weekend, volunteers, both professional and amateur, would show up and give of their time and talent. Most of the materials and all of the labor was donated.

The furnishings and appliances were purchased by different organizations and individuals who 'adopted' a room. The house opened in 2002. Glens Falls Hospital provided much needed telecommunication support throughout the organization’s life.

The house operated for more than a decade and gave a home to hundreds of people each year.  In fact, in its last year of operation as an independent organization, the house saw 900 guest nights, which was its largest year to date. The incorporated Amanda’s House could not escape the issues of the economic times and was forced cease operations in 2013.  The Board of Directors worked with Glens Falls Hospital in hopes that it could continue the house’s legacy.

Again, the community rallied around the house to save it. In 2014, the hospital, working with local business leaders, was able to raise the community support it need.  In late January 2015, Glens Falls Hospital re-opened Amanda’s House.









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